To successfully perform a blower door test, it requires some advance information and planing. The following list should give you an overview of the most important questions for the Blower Door Test:

1 Telephone notice five weeks in advance
(perhaps special measuring equipment will have to be organized).

2 Sending of documents:
• floor plans, elevations and sections (pdf or DGL)
• Energy Performance documentation as pdf. (Measurements are required)
• Purchase order
• Telephone number of contact person at the construction site
• Proposed date and time of test

3 Preparation/ Buildingcondition:

– Is the building to be tested ready?
• – Are all obvious openings, such as SHED´s, window elements, check doors and penetrations tight/ closed?
• – Are ventilation systems visual installed? If so, they must be turned off and closed, where appropriate, sealed from the roof with garbage bags / plastic sheet. This must be done prior to test date.

• – Is a power supply on several circuits available?
• – For the leak detection at the high interior walls a ladder or a work platform is required.
• – The interior work during the test may be exercised it is howeverlimited.

It is not allowed to disturb the test by blocked off areas or uncontrolled window or door opening for example.
• – All the workerson the construction site should be previously informed about the procedure and the conditions of pressure tests.
• – A responsible contact person definitely should be available during the test.(English or German Speaker)
If uncertainties exist, we could make an outside appointment during the construction phase. Don´t hesitate to contact us (0049 (0)5261-667979) if there are any questions, about detail points / connection points in the design or anything else.